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Mega HerptyDerpty's VC Inject Collection 2 (GBC/GB/Homebrew) (75+ Games)

HerptyDerpty Jun 30, 2016

  1. HerptyDerpty

    HerptyDerpty Chaos Contributor Staff Member Super Uploader


    These were made because quite a few people have struggled with injecting Goomba (a GB/GBC emulator) into the Virtual Console. It can be really fiddly and extremely dull. Most of the core Pokemon games are here, but, I've neglected the numerous variants as it would have taken forever. Pokemon Crystal doesn't work in Goomba fwiw.

    There are also things like PocketNes injections, you can now play Final Fantasy VII on your Wii U (kinda), NGPCAdvance injections, which are painfully slow.... included because they are playable if you mess around with the settings enough and some really fun GBA Homebrew games.

    Personal recommendations would be; Cave Noire, Shantae, Columns GB - Tezuka Osamu Edition, Metal Gear Solid - Ghost Babel & Sonic The Hedgehog (it's a proof of concept demo.. but, it's 10000x better than the actual mess Sega released for the GBA).

    *L&R allows you to access the emulation settings (handy to change screen flicker etc)
    *Using the Virtual Console's save state feature is pretty much a must.
    *Putting loads of these on your SD Card at once and changing them over and over will cause loadiine to crash.

    No requests, sorry.

    Angry Birds Collection (PocketNes) (Bootleg)
    Another Bible (English Translation) (J)
    Azure Dreams (E)
    Batman Of The Future - Return Of The Joker (E)
    Beatmania GB - Gotcha Mix 2 (J)
    Beatmania GB (J)
    Beatmania GB2 - Gotcha Mix (J)
    BladeBuster (PocketNes) (Homebrew) (J)
    Bomberman Quest (E)
    Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny - Operation Carrots (E)
    Bust-A-Move 4 (U)
    Bust-A-Move Millennium (U)
    Castlevania Legends (U)
    Cannon Fodder (E)
    Carl Lewis Athletics 2000 (E)
    Cave Noire (English Translation) (J)
    Chase HQ - Secret Police (E)
    Chu Chu Rocket (PocketNes) (Homebrew)
    Classic Bubble Bobble (E)
    Colin McRae Rally (E)
    Columns GB - Tezuka Osamu Edition (J)
    Conker's Pocket Tales (E)
    Cotton - Fantastic Night Dreams (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U)
    D Pad Hero I & II (Homebrew)
    Daikatana (E)
    Daisenryaku (English Translation) (J)
    Dance Dance Revolution GB - Disney Mix (J)
    Dance Dance Revolution GB (J)
    Denki Blocks (E)
    Dikki Painguin in TKO for the Third Reich (PocketNes) (Homebrew)
    Dragon Warrior I & II (U)
    Dragon Warrior III (U)
    DynaMike (E) (Proto)
    Earthworm Jim - Menace 2 the Galaxy (U)
    Elevator Action EX (E)
    Evolution - Eternal Dungeons (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U)
    Faselei! (NGPCAdvance - RUNS SLOW) (U)
    Final Fantasy VII (PocketNes) (Bootleg) (English Translation)
    Flappy Bird (Homebrew)
    Game & Watch Gallery - The Trilogy
    Gex 3 - Deep Pocket Gecko (E)
    Glory of Heracles - The Snap Story (English Translation) (J)
    God Medicine - Hukkoku Ban (English Translation) (J)
    Grandia - Parallel Trippers (English Translation) (J)
    Harvest Moon 2 GBC (E)
    Holy Hell (Homebrew)
    Hype - The Time Quest (E)
    International Track & Field (E)
    Konami GB Collection Vol 1-4 (Only Vol.1&3 work..) (E)
    Lufia - The Legend Returns (E)
    Luminesweeper (Homebrew)
    Mario Golf (E)
    Mario Tennis (E)
    Megaman Xtreme I & II (U)
    Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II (English Translation) (J)
    Metal Gear Solid - Ghost Babel (E)
    Metroid II - The Return Of Samus (Colour Hack) (U)
    Mother 25th Anniversary (PocketNes)
    Oddworld Adventures II (E)
    Penta Dragon (English Translation) (J)
    Perfect Dark (E)
    Pokemon Green (English Translation) (J)
    Pokemon Silver (U)
    Pokemon Trading Card Game (E)
    Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 (English Translation) (J)
    Pokemon Yellow (U)
    Rayman I & II (E)
    Resident Evil Gaiden (E)
    Shantae (U)
    Sonic The Hedgehog (Proof Of Concept)
    Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (English Menu Patch) (J)
    SteinsGate 8-Bit (Homebrew)
    Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams (E)
    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (E)
    Super Robot Taisen (English Translation) (J)
    Tales of Phantasia - Narikiri Dungeon (Very Basic English Patch) (J)
    The Legend Of Zelda - Links Awakening DX (U)
    The Legend Of Zelda - Oracle Of Ages (E)
    The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons (E)
    Vulkanon (Homebrew)
    Wario Land II (U)
    Wario Land III (U)

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