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Tutorial Install custom theme in vWii

MattKimura Dec 7, 2016

  1. MattKimura

    MattKimura Active Member

    Thanks to diddy81 from gbatemp for his custom themes and tools, it's possible to install custom themes on vWii! I take no credit for anything in this tutorial, I am simply projecting his work into a tutorial you can follow. His original post is HERE
    Thanks to diddy81's scripts, you can easily inject a custom theme in vWii. You just need wupclient, CFWbooter with fw.img, and diddy81's themes/tools.

    !Warning: diddy81 is not responsible for any bricks or damage caused by this, do this under your own discretion! Follow these directions exactly as it is.

    1) Download diddy81's scripts HERE
    2) Extract the NTSC or PAL folder depending on your region
    3) Download the latest wupclient from FIX94 HERE
    4) Open the zip, browse to wupclient, extract wupclient.py and place it in the NTSC or PAL folder
    5) If you don't have fw.img already, download this pack HERE and extract it all to your SD card
    6) Boot up Homebrew Launcher through either haxchi or browser, and choose CFWBooter. It should reboot to home menu but with wupserver enabled
    7) On your computer, open wupclient.py in a notepad. Scroll down until you see a line with an IP address, that looks like Delete this and add your Wiiu's IP. Then save and close it
    8) Install Python if you haven't already
    9) Run the file called BackupxxxApp.py with Python, and it will automatically do all the work for you to download your vWii's .app file. It will take a while to finish
    10) Once it's done, download diddy81's ThemeMii Mod HERE and extract it to your computer
    11) Download the theme of your choice from diddy81's thread HERE (Be sure it's your region and for 4.3)
    12) Open ThemeMii and go to File>Open and choose the .mym theme file you downloaded
    13) Click on "Convert to .csm" and choose the .app file we extracted earlier from your vWii
    14) Save it as theme.csm and place it in the NTSC/PAL folder
    15) With your Wiiu still on, run "Injectxxxtheme.py" and it will automatically inject the theme file for you. This will take much longer to inject, be patient (You may get an error at the end. Ignore this, it succeeded)
    16) Once it's done injecting, launch vWii as usual and your theme should be there!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2016

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